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Hi at everyone,

i want to creat a certificate for a webpage. I tried for send but it was not sucessfully and now i get the code 429. Gives a option for return the counter for the certificate, that i can get a new certificate?

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Hi @Siegi555,

It feels like you might be using some machine translation tools that are not totally clear. Maybe you should also post your original message in your native language (maybe German?) for greater potential understanding. I think we have an emerging tradition that we can use languages other than English on the forum when it’s most helpful for understanding. At least, I have communicated with people on the forum in German and Portuguese when it seemed useful.

As @ahaw021 says, it would be useful to have the exact information that you received. Error code 429 is used for a very large variety of rate limit errors, each of which has a different cause and a different potential solution, or a different amount of time that you have to wait for the rate limit to expire. The rate limits are all documented at

If you got the error “Too many invalid authorizations recently”, then you have been trying the same unsuccessful method to get certificates too frequently. This restriction will last for 1 hour and then you can try again. You can also experiment using the staging server instead of the production server, which does not have such a strict limit and is intended for testing and experimentation purposes. (With Certbot, you can use the staging server via the --staging option.)

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