Delete old certificate & install new

Hi, I typically use a managed hosting environment so this is new to me. I have a site on AWS Lightsail that used as it’s domain while I was building the site, and I installed SSL. The domain is no longer in use and I will be pointing an existing domain, that already has an SSL certificate, to my AWS site.

What is the best way to delete the certificate for and move the certificate for Or can I ignore certificate, basically let it expire, and issue a new certificate for once I change the DNS to point to the new IP? It’s an e-commerce site and I really need to get it right before it goes live.

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Hi @jasonMOC

looks like you mix things which are separated.

One domain via https -> you need a certificate with that domain name.

So if you don’t use, ignore the old certificate. Never delete active certificate if the private key isn’t stolen.

If you need a certificate for '`, create one. That has nothing to do with your other domain.

But if you want to use with a redirect to, you need a certificate with as domain name.


Thanks, @JuergenAuer. Sounds simple enough. That’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure that the overlap of certificates didn’t cause any problems.

Much appreciated.

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