not responding

My domain is:

We are getting systemwide failures trying to contact - the server does not respond and connections timeout.

Ran traceroute. Things look ok until we get to - after that, things time out. I think their server is down (been down since sometime this am).

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Hi @bjvetter, welcome to the community forum.

This is unrelated to Let’s Encrypt and sounds like a problem with a different CA: Entrust. You’ll likely have to investigate this problem with Entrust’s support channels.


Well, these are letsencrypt certs whose root CA is signed by with a CRL that points at… So, it is a problem with letsencrypt CA’s and certs since they can no longer be verified via the provided CRL url.

There are no Let’s Encrypt intermediate or root CAs cross-signed by Entrust. I think there’s some confusion at work here.

This website isn’t responding to HTTPS requests with a Let’s Encrypt issued certificate. It’s using Cloudflare’s CA.


My mistake - they are trying to access


For what it’s worth, (which automatically processes CRLs) also shows issues accessing


Oh, and I did not provide the full hostname/domain path. is using letsencrypt certs as well as various servers.

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After pinging here and sending to, their servers are now back up.


Aha! That makes sense :+1:

Glad to hear it. Thanks for contacting Identrust support.


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