Create PFX Automatically

It would be extremely nice if the feature to create a PFX formatted certificate during the generation process was added. It could be put in the proper folder unto /etc/letsencrypt just like the others.

+1 from my side. I am using some of my certificates on both linux with nginx and Windows using other software, and thus a .pfx (without any password) generated automatically would save me time on manual steps or writing additional scripts. Simply put it in the same directory as the .pem files…
Thanks in advance!

This GitHub issue tracks the work needed:, and some platforms that use a combined format are here: supports to generate pfx file:

You may have a try.


Thanks for the pointer, and it definitely helps to clarify what I really want. I don´t care whether I reuse a script of write it on my own. What I really want is some integration, i.e. the pfx generated when the certificate changes. Letsencrypt knows when a certificate changes, and imho therefore is the best tool to also generate the pfx. Anything else will either require manual intervention, or create the pfx unconditionally (e.g. once a day), causing the timestamp to change, causing a download to somewhere, triggering additional imports of the already known information, all in all contributing to the overall noise on a system by workarounds rather than real integration.
Does this make sense?