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Hello! I have been trying to install Let’s encrypt to my website but after an email to the support of my webhosting service, the response I got was that I need to get the .pfx file so that I can send them and install it for me. I cannot find any way to generate this .pfx file on my own unless I am missing something in the process. Should I demand something different from my host to install the service?

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My personal opinion would be to find a host that supports Let’s Encrypt there are many out there. See Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


The best answer, I think, is to do as @MitchellK suggests and move to a host that isn’t stupid. But failing that, it’s straightforward enough to convert the PEM-encoded files generated by certbot into a .pfx file. See, for example,


Thank you for your replies!

Truth is I don’t want to change provider at this time for financial reasons (I have a paid package that includes a hosting plan) so I think I will try @danb35 's suggestion.


Things to consider:
The downside to letting anyone else install it for you (via .pfx or .pem files) is that they now have a copy of your private key.

And how do you get it to them “securely”?
If you send it to them via email… and/or they don’t encrypt those emails…
Soooo many ways that could expose the private key.

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