cPanel Addon like Siteground

I have installed on my cPanel server Let’s Encrypt and now I have some questions, Beceuse I’m an Hosting reseller I also use WHMCS and I don’t want to use the Auto SSL feature for my clients, for example the big hoster Siteground has in his interface an section called Let’s Encrypt where customers can select the domain and press an button Install SSL, does something like this exists for cPanel/WHMCS ? Beceuse if not only the server-administrator can run the installation for an domain.



I believe the plugin you want is called Fleetssl for cPanel, developed by @_az (and possibly other people).

Please take a look at their website for pricing and installation instructions:

Please note: Only root user can install that plugin, but every cPanel user can request a let’s Encrypt certificate in their cPanel interface.

FleetSSL exists on cPanel / WHM. There’s no such plugin known in WHMCS.

Thank you


Thanks man looks good this plugin! As long as the Customer can do it from the client panel it doesent matter if its in cpanel or whmcs

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