Connection unsecure after adding SSL


Dear community,

today in the morning i installed a Let’s Encypt SSL certificate via the backend tools of my provider (
From technical Point of view everyting is working fine. No issues so far.

But, using Mozilla or Chrome my connection will be displayed as “unsecure”, because of mixed Content? What does this mean?

I’m a Little bit confused. Using my Website without SSL Connection seems to be ok, but with SSL it’s unsecure? ^^

Maybe someone can Support here.

Cheers from Austria.


every resource in your page should be secure. I see some pictures with http:// source. so you need to change the url of all of them to https://


Dear hnaseri,

thanks for your Reply and the hint. Did a quick check, but was unable to find any pic with http target. I’m kinda “blind” i guess. Do you have an example? :smiley:

THX & Cheers


your background might be a good example to start.
simply right click on your website page and then click on view page source and finally search for http:// and you will find all resources which aren’t secured.


hnaseri, you made my day!

thanks a lot for your Support. Time to deep dive into my Code. :slight_smile:

#6 can be a usefull site for checking which are the insecure items on your site.


Great link, thanks for this! :slight_smile:


Thanks god for this site:

My page is secure now and also gets displayed as secure.

This topic can be closed actually. Thanks to the great community.


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