Connection refused after installing Lets encrypt SSL


I am using Cpanel cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 24) and have enabled the Lets encrypt SSL , installed on a website successfully. While browsing the website it throws the error that connection refused. I see the SSL port is now changed to 9443 in apache configuration and that port is open in Firewall also there is no any external hardware firewall.

Can some one please guide how to fix this issue as all the sites using lets encrypt SSL are down due to this issue.

Hi, @mothabhau
Normally your SSL port should not have been changed to anything except 443 - the default port.
Can you try running it through that port instead of 9443.

Also an advice, you should create a support ticket to your webhost provider and ask why the SSL port has been chnaged as it’s not normal.

On another stance, I can setup your SSL freely if you want to move away from “shared hosting” and get a “wordpress managed solution” with quality at reasonable pricing (in the $9.95/m), kindly send me an email at and I’ll give you more details. (free migration & free SSL setup included)

I use enterprise stack in my servers. cheers

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