WordPress Error - Trouble with Let's Encrypt


Though I already found similar threads in the forum, I couldn’t find the appropriate solution for it.

I added a Let’s Encrypt certificate to my VPS Server hosted website using the installation icon in cPanel.

Though I tested that it was working through a couple of SSL checker sites and it passed. I even put Cloudflare to maintenance mode so it doesn’t add any extra problems.

I even altered my website’s address from http to https. I then tried to access the website via https and I got the following error:


This site can’t provide a secure connection


Unsupported Prototcol

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.


I cannot access the WP Dashboard now and need to do the setup. What can I do?


Hi @alexbach420

what’s your domain name?


I cannot share it because of privacy reasons. However, if you could suggest me some fixes, then it’ll be great.


Those “fixes” usually depend on the actual state of the server (domain)… And wrong advices might make things even worse…


Did you install the certificates via cPanel?

Could you elaborate more on “maintenance mode” for CloudFlare and the setup(tls, CDN) of CloudFlare?

Thank you


Yes, I installed them my hosting’s cPanel.

You can check it here about the Maintenance mode if you haven’t tried CloudFlare previously.


Hi Alex, I think the problem is not with your domain or CloudFlare. But it’s a browser error. It is basically a miscommunication indicator which tells that the web browser you are using and the web server is unable to exchange details.

You can check the following link to fix Err_SSL_Version_Or_Cipher_Mismatch Error.

Revert back if the issue is still not resolved.


Thank you so much. I lost all my hopes but someone finally replied to the forum.


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