Cloned / Fake Site / Urgent Remove

Dears, good morning! I inform you that the site redirected with sales on shopify is false and is making sales using my Logo, business data, company name, and CNPJ, they need to be removed from the urgent air, as they have already added me on the complaint here and are selling without deliver products to customers who are having losses. Remove Urgent Air and find out who is committing this crime. Thank you Fábio R. Carvalho

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Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority and not a police or enforcement agency. If you think there's a domain violating your right, you should contact the appropriate local (or remote) enforcement agency and request them to take action.

In your case, although Let's Encrypt issued the certificate. Its certificate is free of charge and are available to everyone (where applicable) who own a domain and passed certain required validation.

For your case, you should contact the domain registrar, hosting provider, and Shopify for help.


To add to @stevenzhu suggestions, please have look at Let's Encrypt's Official positon on this type of situation.


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