Charger of fee for hosting provider?

i don’t know yet selected category was right for my question. please understand that if incorrect.

when read FAQ article. there was some answer for fee.

“In some cases, integrators (e.g. hosting providers) will charge a nominal fee that reflects the administrative and management costs they incur to provide Let’s Encrypt certificates.”

on the article, integrators will charge a nominal fee. could you explain me the definition such as per 100,000 / $10 ?

I would like to know that means detailly.


The hosting provider can charge you a fee. This fee goes entirely to the hosting provider and is not related to Let’s Encrypt at all. Let’s Encrypt doesn’t get any of this money and so no one here can help you.
Let’s Encrypt itself is always free.

If your hosting provider is charging a (in your opinion) too large fee, you can switch provider.


I think the article's actually kind of misleading in that regard--the integrators can charge whatever fee they want for implementing/activating Let's Encrypt certificates. The only limit is what the market will bear. And hopefully, "what the market will bear" will rapidly and closely approach zero.

i see. understood. letsencrypt not charge a fee to user.
thank you so much

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