Will Le'ts Encrypt Become A Charged Service - Can Service Providers Charge for Let's Encrypt Certifactes

The rumor that he will be paid after 3 months ? there is such a rumor :frowning:

Who is “he” in this question?

Hosting provider, 3 montns ago , said it would be paid …

Let’s Encrypt certificates are free of charge. Renewals (which are required at least every 3 months) are also free of charge.

However, there’s nothing stopping your hosting provider from charging you a fee to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate with their hosting, and at least one well-known hosting provider is unfortunately known to do this. If you’re in this situation, and can’t switch to a different hosting provider, you might find that it works out cheaper overall to buy a cheap certificate from a commercial CA, rather than repeatedly paying your hosting provider to install your new free certificate every 3 months.

(I had trouble understanding your question so I hope this information is useful to you)


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