Challenge Invalid - Cant reach challenge file from browser

Im using ftp to create challenge file in my domain. The .well-known/acme-challenge/ directory is created in my domain, but i cant reach this challenge file from It throws 404 error. May i konw what could be the reason for this. Why it cant be reached. Can anyone help in this please. Thanks in advance

In general, the best place to look for the reason for a 404-error (in any case) is in the Apache error.log file (in Linux/Unix, commonly found in /var/log/apache2 or somesuch).

For obvious reasons, Apache won’t allow “just any ol’ address” to be entered, and also for obvious reasons it won’t clue-in the client that the resource actually exists on the host machine:   from the client’s point-of-view, “nothing’s there.”   (Forbidden is another alternative.)

There are several possible scenarios depending on exactly how the server and <VirtualHost> are set up, exactly what Apache version it is, and so on.   For instance, perhaps you need a <Directory> tag or a <Location> tag – it can get rather complicated – to tell Apache that the directory “exists” (for its purposes …) and what access-controls should apply to it.   The error.log should tell you more than Apache will reveal to the client.

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Thanks rob… Got the certificate generated. Actually there was a problem with ftp credentials … :confounded:

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