Challenge file name should not start with dash


It seems that the challenge file name can be somewhat annoying every once in a while:

Example: “-VpOzEjDrFmAsMu32cvna-JQTbpH4EBIhNcWPvhBtO4”

I think the generator should really be modified to NOT use a dash as the starting character of a file name, it makes it unnecessarily hard to manage.


What’s special about a dash as first character?


Most Linux/Unix commands treat the dash as an option character, similar to the forward slash on Windows. Most of those also accept “–” as a separator to say “anything after here is a parameter and not an option”. But novices might not be aware of that. So they might type cp -VpOzEjDrFmAsMu32cvna-JQTbpH4EBIhNcWPvhBtO4 /var/www/html/.well-known/acme-challenge/ and wonder why it didn’t work.


see jmorahan’s reply :smile:


Ah of course, right.


I am also against the .wel-known because it’s a pain to create in windows.
you can create a dot-folder by appending a dot (".well-known.") and the dot gets removed but that’s certainly NOT common knowledge and if you just name is “.well-known” then windows says that I should specify a file name.


.well-known is a “well known” standard. cmd.exe has no problems creating dot-files with mkdir.


assuming you know your way around cmd.