Configuring .well-known redirect on Apache running on Windows

I am new to community. I have a windows box with Apache 24 installed in c:\Apache24 folder.
I need to validate a file from SSL provider on the Apache24 host. I am on windows so I can't create .well-known folder with the "." (dot) in the front of well-known folder name.

There are few articles showing how to address this using alias, virtual host, etc...

Can someone help me address this. It looks like I may have to add virtual host section to C:\Apache24\conf\httpd-vhosts.conf file. I need help in what exactly would be included.

Thank you

I have not heard this issue on Windows before where the ACME client automatically creates the \.well-known\ directory. Do you require to make it yourself? Or can you just let your ACME client of choice do it for you?

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Yeah, what ACME client are you using? It should be making whatever folders are needed itself.

That said, I can create folders beginning with a dot on my computer in both Windows Explorer and through mkdir in the Command Prompt, although I remember it being tricky in prior Windows versions and needing to use a Command Prompt for it. So I think you need to be clearer on what exactly you're trying and why.

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