Certificate is about to expire

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My domain is: app.critsitwiz.com

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

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Yes Dan,
I got a mail stating that my certificate will get expire… Will it get auto renewal or do i need to do any process to renew…

Yes, it will expire in 8 days if not renewed.

No idea. How did you obtain the cert in the first place? Normally, if it were properly set up for auto-renewal, that would have happened by now.

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I got this mail

Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 10 days (on 05 Jun 20 17:52 +0000). Please make sure to renew your certificate before then, or visitors to your website will encounter errors.

We recommend renewing certificates automatically when they have a third of their
total lifetime left. For Let’s Encrypt’s current 90-day certificates, that means
renewing 30 days before expiration. See
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__letsencrypt.org_docs_integration-2Dguide_&d=DwICaQ&c=jf_iaSHvJObTbx-siA1ZOg&r=LZKf8RwN6kRWPQ23yJsxiq87jdLK3d7utsEUJ9uUAAE&m=7ZgxnEVNzb-mW0dyc560kX-8LMJfM8wMnuC79Jdnhcg&s=MUiY5HR-LIv8cjr3v_wFBxVgDGzMYBl13i23Fjw0NOU&e= for details.
But when i click this link it says in content that it will get auto renew

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As danb35 said:

It's the responsibility of you -- or your hosting company, or whoever maintains your certificate -- to configure your ACME client software to automatically renew it, and to ensure that it continues working.

We would need more information to be able to help you. Can you answer as many of the other questions in your first post as possible?

Since Let's Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days, it's recommended to renew them every 60 days because it's a nice number and it gives people time to notice and fix problems. Not every automatic renewal implementation follows that schedule, but it is common.

Going by past history, it looks like you were renewing your certificate about every 60 days.


Either you do -- or did -- have automatic renewal set up, or you were very punctual about renewing it manually.

In either case, following that schedule, the certificate would have been renewed around 2020-05-07. And that has not happened.

You need to investigate how your setup works, and what has happened, before your current certificate expires.

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Thank you for your detail explanation… if we need to have new certificate what is the process to do?

What process did you use before?

Based on previous history certificate gets auto renewed on every 60days…Will it get auto renew now as well? Because we got mail for expiration for first time we are using this certificate from 09/09/2019

Based on previous history certificate gets auto renewed on every 60days

What they are asking is how is this done? Did your hosting company set this up for you and manage it? Did you install software (an ACME client) on your server? Did you pay someone to set this up?

Nobody can help you without this information.

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