Certificate for ZOHO site

Can anyone help?
My first website - www.ProjectGreenUSA.org sits on ZOHO and is already protected by Let'sEncrypt.
I just launched another website - www.ChiliMusicFestival.com - which is a fundraiser event for the main non-profit Project Green - but I have no idea what the steps are to get the LetsEncrypt certificate for that site... I am a non-profit - so I am doing all this myself and am NOT a webmaster..

The URL is hosted on Ionos.com (for both websites -- then it points to Zoho for the actual website due to pricing)

HELP anyone - if you have steps on how to do this please.

I think the only ones who can answer your question are Zoho support.

It might even be automatic and you just need to wait, or you need to ask them explicitly. (Ask them)


It seems ZOHO offers many different kinds of hosting and it probably depends on which kind of product you've bought.

Maybe you can find anything useful in their knowledge base: https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/kb


YES - they did this automatically for me as the main account is under the non-profit.
Thank you so much for all your help!!!!


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