Certificate expiring; host is unaccessible

Dear all,

I need a help urgently …
I have received the email below:


Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 1 days (on 30 Aug 16 13:49 +0000). Please make sure to renew your certificate before then, or visitors to your website will encounter errors.


For any questions or support, please visit https://community.letsencrypt.org/. Unfortunately, we can’t provide support by email.

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The Let’s Encrypt Team

As you see, my certificat will expire tomorrow at 13:49. How can I regenerate a new certificate ? I don’t know what to do. I am definitly a novice regarding that … Is it automatically regenerate everytime, when I paid the hosting ovh every month ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a nice day,


Do you know how you generated the certificate originally (3 months back) ?

Can you tell us a little about your setiup / operating system etc.

Dear Serverco,

Thank you for your reply.
At the beginning, a friend has done that for me but now, he is not reachable … So I definitly don’t know how to do and what to do …

I am using OVH for the hosting, Gandi for the domain name.

Here is the website:

I hope that you can help me …

Thank you in advance.


Do you have root access to the server ?

If so, could you check if you have an /etc/letsencrypt folder on the server ?

My question will maybe stupid … But where can I have access to the server ? Normally, I use prestashop for my eshop. Is that the server ?

Sorry for my question.

no. You would access via SSH or FTP. You may have an overall control panel with your hosting setup.

Do you have anyone locally you trust who knows a little more about webservers etc ?

On OVH: I have no ssl certificat:
On Gandi: Same

No, unfortunatly, I know nobody …

I have a ssh code. Should I use it to regenerate my certificate ?

that’s sounding hopeful … can you give a little more detail about your “ssh code” ( without any passwords or anything )

Do you have SSH login details ? an SSH key ? something else ?

Yes my friend gave me this:

There are:
xx.xxx.xxx.xxx (11 numbers)
password (with number and letter)

Is that the SSH login, right ?

Yes, that’s the SSH login details.

What computer do you have that you work from ? does it have SSH on it ? if windows you might need something like PUTTY. with a MAC or Linux computer it should have SSH on it.

Can you connect to the server ?

I just download the PUTTY.
I enter my IP address but regarding the password: I can’t write the password on the Putty … It shows me “access denied” …

Does it say access denied before you have entered the password ? Does it get as far as prompting you for the user and password ?

I enter the IP Address, everything is correct then they ask me about the password and here I can’t write anything … So click on “enter” and it writes “access denied” And after nothing …
Is it normal ?

normally you should be able to type the password (on the keyboard) at the prompt, then press enter and you should (normally) get access.

Note: You won’t see it typing the password … but you should be able to.

Still access denied :frowning:

I’d suggest talking to your hosting provider about how to access your server. Maybe they can reset the password for you? or provide to some control panel you have ? or something like that.

Without access to your server, you can’t install a new certificate, even if you got one.

I call OVH (France) and they told me that they can do nothing for me and that I have to see it with let’s encrypt … That’s why, im here, posting a message on this forum.

By the way, thank you for your help

One more question:

If tomorrow, I cannot find any solution regarding this certificatd (https), is my SSL OVH still working ?

Please, next time get professional support and setup. The situation now is basically: you tried to save a buck on infrastructure and now you’re trying to save a buck on support, all the while your commercial shop probably makes you some nice cash.

You’re hurting the IT industry. Why isn’t your “friend” reachable? This is very dissatisfying to watch.