Certificate expired

My domain is: www.repropoint.com & www.largeformatprinterservicing.co.uk

The Lets Encrypt security certificate on our websites has expired. I am a marketing manager with no IT technical skills working remotely and have no IT support person I can contact internally to work out who hosts our websites or how I can get a new certificate added.

Can you help? I can email you screenshots of the details of the failed certificate if this helps. I am sorry this is such a basic request. Any help woud be greatly appreciated as both our websites are currently showing to customers as not secure.

Many thanks
Jess Gardiner

Hi @JessGardiner

someone is required to install the certificate.

And there are too much missing informations you didn’t answer. Root access or shared hosting.

Find an IT person. Ask the person who has installed the certificate.

It’s Wordpress, may be a WordPress addin is used. But that’s completely speculative.

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