Certbot renew command not supported?

I’m getting emails to renew. No problem. So I’m trying to do that.

We are:
Centos 7

So I found the certbot in

Ran the command:
,/certbot renew
Error code: 1, stdout: Command “renew” is not supported

I’m not sure that’s actually a normal copy of Certbot. It looks like something custom that was installed by Plesk.

Can you do the renewal inside Plesk using the Plesk interface?

Also, if you changed the organization of your certificates by adding or removing names or splitting or combining certificates, you may get renewal e-mails which you don’t need to act on because a certificate (as the renewal e-mail explains) is considered unrenewed if there is no new certificate with exactly the same set of domain names. So it’s also possible that you have a new certificate that’s being renewed automatically with a different set of domain names.

Wow, I do have something inside PLESK !

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for www.esaproductmanager.com
Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority (CA) that allows you to create a free SSL certificate for your domain.
By clicking the “Install” button you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Let’s Encrypt Subscriber Agreement.
Note: The certificate will be automatically renewed 30 days in advance before its expiration.

There is a RENEW button. There is no INSTALL button.

So I don’t need to do anything? Thank you

If you want to see all the details, you can see your certificate history at


What I think is going on is that you originally got separate certificates for www.esaproductmanager.com and esaproductmanager.com, and soon afterward a combined certificate that covers both. The combined certificate has been renewed several times and the www.esaproductmanager.com certificate has been renewed as well, but the esaproductmanager.com certificate has not been renewed


and will expire on August 4.

That’s probably the one that you’re getting the warnings about. But you probably don’t need that certificate anymore because that name is validly covered by the combined certificate.

When I actually got to https://esaproductmanager.com/ in a browser (without the www), the certificate that I get back from your site is the combined one that was renewed on July 5 and is valid until October 3. This is a further indication that probably the esaproductmanager.com-only certificate is no longer in use or needed anywhere and that probably Plesk is doing the right thing automatically.

You might want to make a note to yourself to check again sometime in mid-September to confirm that Plesk is indeed renewing the certificate automatically without human intervention. But it looks good to me.

You guys are awesome.

Great product. thank you!

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