Subdomain Certs not renewing

Hi all,

my problem is, that renewal of certs are not prperly working.

i’m using the plesk plugin (latest version 3.5.1)

after click on “renew” button, the plugin says, “all done”.

but: the web server gets a new cert, the mail server does get a pem file with new timestamp - but the content is old.

when I take a look at the cert directories of the plugin, I can see, that the files inside the mailservers directory are not updated. so I think, the plugin copies the old files again and again.

any idea, where I should search for?


That sounds like an issue with the Plesk plugin you’re using - it’s not terribly likely that anyone here would be able to help. I don’t recall having seen developers for that plugin frequenting this forum. Your best bet is probably contacting the plugin developers through the website for whichever plugin you’re using.

thank you. I thought, this plugin is made by lets encrypt … I’m nearly sure … :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not - the only client made by the Let’s Encrypt team is the Certbot client, which is a standalone program as opposed to a control panel plugin.

I just saw it, sorry :slight_smile:

so I hope, that somebody maybe had the same problem and knows the solution …

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