Certbot main web page lacks ubuntu 18.04

on the main install page,

there is no choice for ubuntu 18.04. because this is the LTS and out for about 5 months now, could you add it please?

The “funny” thing is, certbot is properly packaged for Ubuntu 18.04 in the PPA it seems:

python-certbot 0.26.1-1+ubuntu18.04.1+certbot+2 [Michael Casadevall] (2018-07-26)

I wouldn’t know why Ubuntu 18.04 isn’t added to the list?

I see @bmw is already busy with adding 18.04 to the site. I don’t know what would happen if you just use the guide for the most recent Ubuntu? Only one way to find out! :wink:

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Following the 17.10 instructions should be fine.

The only important difference is that this:

Certbot's DNS plugins which can be used to automate obtaining a wildcard certificate from Let's Encrypt's ACMEv2 server are not available for your OS yet. This should change soon

has changed. Ubuntu 18.04's repository and the Certbot PPA both have some of DNS plugins now.

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