I'm running certbot 1.15 on Ubuntu 18.04 installed via snap and I now require the certbot-dns-azure plugin. But there is not snap for this...? How can I best resolve this? I can find several other plugins as snap packages just not this one. This one only seems available via pip.

I don't have experience with snap nor pip, so no idea if you can "mix" those two distribution methods somehow, but it is possible to install certbot through pip too. So that should work.

See Certbot - Pip Other for the how-to. (Note that I've selected "unknown" as webserver "software", so if you're running a webserver like Apache or nginx, you can select that from the pulldown menu in stead of "other".)

Yeah I think you can treat them as two different things, e.g. cerbot can be maintained via snap and the azure plugin maintained via pip, ultimately certbot is a python program, and pip is the python package manager.

Yeah, but doesn't the certbot snap come with an "embedded" Python et cetera? I.e., can it even use system Python packages? Genuine question, I have no idea.

I too have no idea :slight_smile: you can tell I don't really use certbot much. Looks like official certbot plugins are indeed distributed via snap: Snap search results for 'certbot_dns' — Linux software in the Snap Store

We need a certbot expert.

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