How to install plugins when using the Certbot Windows installer?


I installed Certbot from on a Windows Server 2019 VM in Azure. This installer ships with its own Python distribution bundled.

I am attempting to use the azure DNS plugin (Welcome to certbot-dns-azure’s documentation! — certbot-dns-azure 0 documentation).
If I run pip install certbot-dns-azure the package gets installed into the system Python installation, not the one bundled with Certbot and I get certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: --dns-azure-config.

If I install Certbot using pip, then it works, but when I install Certbot with pip on Windows, it doesn't create the scheduled tasks, so this is not an option at the moment.

How can I install plugins when using the Certbot Windows installer?


That's a great question, is your certificate going to be for IIS or something else? You may also find it useful to look at some of the other ACME clients for Windows (


For info, the scheduled task that certbot installs (just one) simply runs certbot renew (it's not cert specific) so you could possibly just run the pip installed certbot which you had working, with your own scheduled task.


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