Certbot 1.21.0 Release

Certbot 1.21.0 has just been uploaded. The changelog entry for the release is:


  • Certbot will generate a web.config file on Windows in the challenge path
    when the webroot plugin is used, if one does not exist. This web.config file
    lets IIS serve challenge files while they do not have an extension.


  • We changed the PGP key used to sign the packages we upload to PyPI. Going
    forward, releases will be signed with one of three different keys. All of
    these keys are available on major key servers and signed by our previous PGP
    key. The fingerprints of these new keys are:
    • BF6BCFC89E90747B9A680FD7B6029E8500F7DB16
    • 86379B4F0AF371B50CD9E5FF3402831161D1D280
    • 20F201346BF8F3F455A73F9A780CC99432A28621

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


'bout time!



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