Certbot 0.35.0 Release

Certbot 0.35.0 has just been released. Changes in this release are:

0.35.0 - 2019-06-05


  • dns_rfc2136 plugin now supports explicitly specifing an authorative
    base domain for cases when the automatic method does not work (e.g.
    Split horizon DNS)


  • Renewal parameter webroot_path is always saved, avoiding some regressions
    when webroot authenticator plugin is invoked with no challenge to perform.
  • Certbot now accepts OCSP responses when an explicit authorized
    responder, different from the issuer, is used to sign OCSP
  • Scripts in Certbot hook directories are no longer executed when their
    filenames end in a tilde.

Despite us having broken lockstep, we are continuing to release new versions of
all Certbot components during releases for the time being, however, the only
package with changes other than its version number was:

  • certbot
  • certbot-dns-rfc2136

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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