Can't figure out why we are hitting a rate limit

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My domain is:

I ran this command:

It produced this output:
"Logged at" 2021-06-14. There are no recent certificates logged here for our domain. But we are hitting this issue:

"Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for:" (from

We see this for both your staging and production environments. However we should be able to issue 30,000 certs using the staging environment - and we don't think we have done anything like that many. [2]

According to [2] we should be able to figure out which certs have been issued, and work back to find if we have a leak in our automation.

[1] Staging Environment - Let's Encrypt
[2] Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

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@jgrobbel It looks like you may be running into the 50/week limit for a registered domain. I did not count them but there are a lot recently.

There is a form on the page below for requesting increases for integrators - which it looks like you may be.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week)


Hi Mike, I think we have actually done the request before. Been using Letsencrypt seamlessly since 2018.

I did not count them but there are a lot recently.

Where can I get a list of these. I suspect the issue is on our side, but cannot fathom where they are coming from. BTW does that limit apply to across staging/production?

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I used same as you - apart from selecting the deDuplicate option in the Advanced settings.

I must have been hallucinating as when I checked again I do not see any live certs since Jan 2021. Huh.

Sorry. This is what I see now - just for the record :slight_smile: I have no explanation for this or your original question.


I take it back - ARGH! I was not hallucinating but is returning inconsistent results. Here is the same url I used 5 minutes ago showing nothing since Jan 2021 and is what I saw originally. My url:


The staging and production environments have their own limit values and counts.


Thanks for all the info. My best guess then is that our automation is actually issuing production certificates, which is surprising since we are using the staging flag [1]

This would explain why both environments are failing, and why e2e type certs.

[1] at master · acmesh-official/ · GitHub


Oh, I just found this bug. Seems like had a regression


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