Rate limit not available as documented?



in staging system i could register fine all domains as I wanted.
But in production I got same procedure denied for 6th certificate so it seems that the 20 registrations/domain+week didn’t work correctly and the “old” limits are still up?

I got message:
Sign failed: "detail":"Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for: <domain>"




Could you tell us your domain? Maybe there are 14 other certificates from earlier this week.



thanks for quick reply.
And sorry, checked for your question also acme.sh config folder of my staging system:
The Le_API URL in the config file shows that on my last test run before putting it onto production
server I somehow accidentally requested/issued already 12 certs on production LE.

Additional the first 6 requests - all with same host names - came through on final server.
=> I try to “refurbish” the already issued certs to productive server and check next week if I can reuse or re-issue them.


If the set of hostnames is exactly the same in all the certificates, you’re running into the “duplicate cert rate limit” of 5 per week.


We have compiled all limits we could find into one document at: https://keychest.net/content/letsencrypt_numbers_to_know

5 per week is the “renewal limit”



yes thanks. I only couldn’t close this thread ^^
I have read the limits on https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ so I was in first response thinking that there is still old value active.

As already answered I had accidentally created production certificates on staging server first.
From LetsEncrypt error message it was no renewal problem but “new issue” limit hit.

And I could already created on Wednesday the new certicate for my domain.
Perhaps someone else using also this domain for local office usage with DNS hostname so I am not aware of.this when counting requested certificates.

Thanks and Bests.


One nice tool to check on the status of the certificates per registered domain rate limit with respect to a specific domain is

Edit: although I guess that’s not the particular limit you were dealing with. @sahsanu, is there any chance of also supporting the duplicate certificate limit in lectl?


I cannot promise you anything but will take a look :wink:


All well and good, such a limit compilation, but the official site calls this the “Duplicate Certificate limit”: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/


thanks! and yes, indeed it does. my err.


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