Cannot get certificates

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My domain is

I ran this command: I am uysing Certify SSL on IIS

It produced this output:2019-01-09 07:44:05.831 -04:00 [INF] Validation of the required challenges did not complete successfully. Fetching Timeout after connect (your server may be slow or overloaded)

My web server is (include version): IIS

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Windows server 2019

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:Me

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):yes

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel):No

I bought this domain a few weeks ago and since then on linux and windows I cannot get a certificate. I was able to succesfully get a cert for on linux and on my IIS machine but for some reason this domain does not want to get a certificate.

The error listed above is the one I am currently getting and sometimes I get a likely a firewall issue.

I tried manuall with the file and I can access the files in the acme-challenge folder from the web interface and see the characters.
I can see the app creating the files in the acme-challenge folder
Website is available external via http and https ports are open
Currently this is the only website on that web server ( I removed the rest for testing purpose)

on my dns side I have a A Record @ pointing to and domain forwarding pointing to

I tried doing a txt validation via DNS and it wont pickup the txt record like they dont exist (eventough I created them last night on my dns cpanel and do a txtlookup they dont show up).

any help or point me in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hi @breaup


Host T IP-Address is auth. ∑ Queries ∑ Timeout A yes 2 0
A yes 2 0
AAAA yes C yes 1 0
A yes
A yes

looks like you have a wrong configuration.

If you have one server with one ip address, it doesn't work with two ip addresses.

And there are different answers (this is always bad) ( - Make your website better - DNS, redirects, mixed content, certificates ):

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.360 L 301 3.364 D 301 0.347 D 200 0.687 H 200 0.677 H 301 3.194 N
Certificate error: RemoteCertificateNameMismatch 301 2.960 N
Certificate error: RemoteCertificateNameMismatch -14 10.027 T
Timeout - The operation has timed out -14 10.030 T
Timeout - The operation has timed out

The ip answers with a http-redirect, https has a timeout. The other ip sends a 200 or a wrong certificate.

This "domain forwarding" looks wrong, remove it, so you have only the ip.

Thanks for the reply I removed the forward earlier and just tried again and got this error now : 2019-01-09 11:27:31.387 -04:00 [INF] Validation of the required challenges did not complete successfully. Invalid response from “\r\n<html xmlns=“”>\r\n<script type=“text/javascript”>window.NREUM||”

I opened a support ticket with my DNS Provider as for all the domains I have on my acount they all have that 2nd ip address as a A Record and I cannot modify it. So I just looking to see why, thanks for pointing this out.

Al tough my domain does have the same configuration as this one and that one I was able to generate certificates for it. any idea ?

thanks again

Now it's better, but not good:

Your non-www has a direct loop, the page redirects to the same url. So it's a loop. The www redirects to the non-www and ends in the same loop.

So check these redirects, a loop is always terrible.

But I don't use Certify SSL, so it's possible that Certify has created these redirects.

The domain has the same problems. Two different ip addresses, different redirects.

has a 200 (ok),
Timeout - The operation has timed out

has a timeout. And a redirect

lowercase -> uppercase is curious.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I do have it figured out now. so removing the Forward reset my A Records and parked the domain which I did not notice right away till I tried it again later in a browser. I delete all the A REcord and re added the proper one, waited the TTL and tried again and it worked.

Thanks for the help much appreciated


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