Can I use certbot for auto renewing on a subdomain?


I am running my SaaS application on my subdomain ""

I understand that "Let's Encrypt" SSL Certificate is only valid for 90 days, and must be renewed every 90 days.

"Let's Encrypt" SSL Certificate is installed on my VPS and it is working right now.

My developer says that I cannot automatically renew my SSL certificate because it is running on a subdomain, is this true?

Here are my 2 questions:

  1. Can I use Certbot to automatically renew my SSL certificate on my subdomain every 90 days?

  2. If so, can you provide a link to the documentation showing how to setup automatic renewal on a subdomain using Cerbot?


Your developer is incorrect. There's nothing different about a subdomain than an apex domain from an ACME perspective. It's literally the same as requesting a cert for instead of You just have to tell your ACME client (certbot in this case) to use the name you want.


The only thing I can think of is that your developer has set up restrictions for your subdomain in such a way that you couldn't renew the certificate without your developer (temporarily) relieving those restrictions.

But in principe there is, as @rmbolger already mentioned, no reason why automatic renewal wouldn't work for subdomains: the renewal process is pretty much identical to the first issuance.


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