Subdomain & Different server and ''letsencrypt --apache -d''


We have created a forum for our website. But we have established it on a different server and IP.

To set up SSL for this subdomain, I used the command “letsencrypt --apache -d” mentioned by @JuergenAuer and it was installed without any problems.

Is it that easy? Will it be automatically refreshed after 90 days as I didn’t touch any more settings?

Thank you.

Probably! :smile:

What OS are you using? How did you install Certbot?

Often, there will be a systemd timer or cron job set up automatically that will renew your certificates. In that case, everything will work!

If there isn't, you'll need to configure one, to run certbot renew or certbot -q renew about twice a day at random times.

Hi @ayberk

check your domain / certificate in 65 - 70 days.

Perhaps it is renewed -> the job is done.

If not, ask again.


I’m using the LAMP setup at Digital Ocean.
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Thank you.

If you installed Certbot using apt, then there’s a systemd timer set up. (You can see it in systemctl list-timers.)


I shared the screenshot. It’s okay, isn’t it?

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