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I was wondering if there was away to renew certificates for azure web services via a script?

Many thanks



Hi Mark,

Yes there is

If you could provide a little more information (what client you are using, how you obtained the certificate in the first place etc) we can provide more detailed information about how to renew automatically.


Hi, thanks for your reply…
We brought the certs from SSLSHOPPER, they have been imported into Azure Webb Apps, so I assume we have to run a script, or create a runbook in azure?

Thank you


I’m a little confused, Let’s Encrypt certificates are free. Have you got a Let’s Encrypt certificate or one from elsewhere ?

For Let’s Encrypt, you can use the Azure Let’s Encrypt site extension which may be best for you.


Ah sorry yes got you now… yes we have lets Encrypt certs we have to renew every 3 months.
I have just asked someone…
So I guess the question is can we run a scheduled runbook in azure or is this a manual process every 3 months?
Does that make sense?


To my original question - how did you obtain the certificate ? whatever method you used usually has a method up updating automatically, hence my question.

If you don’t remember - then try the link I provided above, which will automate obtaining the certificate and renewal.


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