Autorenewal script

Is there any script available to auto renew my ssl certificate for any specific domain ?
We are using both OS platforms ( Linux and Windows )
Linux - Apache
Windows - IIS

There are various scripts, yes. There is certbot (the official client) or a range of alternate clients

What client did you create the certificates with ?

We are using letsencrypt script.

certbot is simply the new name for letsencrypt. That should auto-renew your SSL certificates for you.

see the documentation on renewing certificates

We have PfSense as our gateway firewall. We have offloaded all ssl certificates in PfSense cert manager and configured HAProxy to use these ssl certificates.

You will probably then need a deployment step; Certbot has a “post-hook” feature that lets it run a shell script when renewal happens, which might be useful to you in this kind of setup.

Thanks for your suggestion. Let me work on this thing and will keep posted.

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