Renew azure app certificate

Hello, we received an email stating that we’ll need to renew our let’s encrypt certs used on our azure app. But, I can’t find any good documentation on how to do it with Azure. Are there any step by step instructions on how to do it?


Depends what Azure product you are using to do TLS termination.

Load balancer? Cloud server? CDN? Something else?

What’s your domain? How did you get your certificate initially?

Edit: If it is an Azure Web App, you could try use

thanks, its a Web App…
I just noticed in the “WebJobs” its saying pending restart for letsencrypt. Does it need the web app restarted?

If the cert is also used on that website, yes; it seems to have gotten a new cert but needs to restart to actually use the new one.


But CT logs kind of contradict that line of thinking…
They don’t show any new cert having been recently issued for your domain.

So, I can only suggest that you restart that service and review the system logs for any other messages/clues.

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