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My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Microsoft Azure

Hi, We have a website hosted in Microsoft Azure and using a Lets Encrypt certificate. This was all set up by a previous employee.

We have an email telling us that out Lets Encrypt certificate will expire in 20 days, and although I can access the Azure portal and see the certificate in the SSL Setting of the Web App, I cannot see anywhere to renew the certificate.

Can someone provide some guidance of how to renew our Lets Encrypt certificate?

Note: I have searched this, and most information seems to be obsolete as it all refers to an Azure site extension that has since been deprecated. I assume there is a manual process but I am smuggling to find clear documentation on what that process is, even in outline form.




What specific azure service are you using (with the certificate)? A VM or Regular Azure Web Apps?

I actually find one of the tutorials on TLS for Azure web apps.(

P.S. If you are using VM, please also tell us what’s the VM system (RH? Centos? Windows? etc…)

Thank you


Hi, Thank you so much for your response.

We are using an Azure Web App.

Although that tutorial also has obsolete bits in it (someone needs to clean up the Internet), it was enough to get me on the right track, and after a full day and a half of working on this I was finally able to get a renewed certificate installed (free comes at a cost).

Thank for the help.


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