Auto Renew Wildcard SSL on Azure

We are running an application on Azure Virtual Machines, we have several websites that are using our service as a white label.

Our service requires a Wildcard ssl.

We created the wildcard SSL with letsencrypt and that was fine.

The SSL expires 90 days after set up

We are looking for a way to auto renew without having to reverify the text record each time. It takes a ton of time to verify the text records for each URL that is using our whitelabel product.

Azure Support desk says that there isnt a way to auto renew on azure. They have been known to be wrong… so i thought I would ask around.

Does anyone have any advice on how to set this up?

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That is NOT possible.
What you need is an automated way to enter those TXT records.
That means you need to use an ACME client that supports DNS authentication (via API).

Azure Is a large “bucket” of things…
If you are using a Linux flavored O/S, then I might suggest ACME.SH

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Thank you. My dev team is still convinced that this is not possible on Azure. do you have any other documentation of how this would work?

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Depends on your OS and DNS provider, as @rg305 said, you might be able to renew automatically. supports the following DNS provider (with API)

Once you’ve set it up with DNS API, the script will try to renew the certificate automatically (don’t forget to correctly set the --reload-cmd command when you do install-cert.)

P.S. This is all build upon that you are using the certificate on Azure VM.


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