LetsEncrypt Wrapper Auto renew Cert (C# .NET Core 2.2 Preview 2)

It’s simple just run one time in your Windows Server. It will automatically renew your Cert on Expiration date and bind new Cert with desired all web application in IIS.

Run dotnet LetsEncryptWrapper.dll -e mssclang@outlook.com -w *.yourdomain.com -fr Y

Required Cloudflare Auth Key and DNS Zone ID for auto complete acme-challenge

For more detail LetsEncrypt Wrapper

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Thanks for working on this project to help folks renew certificates.

Just as a head's up, if you wanted this project listed on our ACME client options page you will have to rename your project to meet our trademark policy. A name like "ACMEWrapper" could be more accurate (the project will likely work with other ACME CAs!) and would avoid this issue.


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If it goes with Companies policy, I’ll definitely change the project name.

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