ACME V2 client for C#

Just to let people know, I implemented a client for ACME v2 for .NET projects.

This is a single file with a dependency only on JSON.Net.




Hi Ayende,
Always great to see a simple example for the API, I’m starting to look at what changes we need to make for
Certify SSL Manager: https://certifytheweb and the temptation to write our own bits instead of using a library can be quite strong! DNS challenges are an interesting one, because there are so many DNS API’s people could potentially be using.

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Just to clarify, this does not handle any actual DNS update, so the client is entirely agnostic to this. I explicitly marked that as not related to the responsibilities of the client, precisely for the reasons you mentioned.

I know you prefer to implement your own client but have you also seen the certes implementation? - I think that’s one to watch based on the relatively straightforward and thorough implementation.

Thanks for sharing!

I will definitely look into it how you used some system functions better. I’m not a C# dev and haven’t that much of experience with it.
In my PowerShell implementation I had to use a lot of the old COM api, wrote parts of an ASN.1 encoder and even had to call a C function (from the old crypt32.dll). Would be great to replace some of it.

@webprofusion When I started writing it, Certes didn’t support it :slight_smile:
However, we used to use Certes, but we moved to our own because we needed really fine grained control over the certificate generation. It also simplify dependency management somewhat.

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