Anyone knows a Windows client that produces static pem files?

Until now I am using letsencrypt-win-simple to get my certificates unter Windows. I need the cert, key and chain files in pem format with non changing filenames to go on with my workflow, and letsencrypt-win-simple is producing those files, so it is easy to automate the following key distribution.
Today I got the news, that the acme protocol is deprecated and I have to change my client. I tested the successor winAcme wich does not work that way. Does anyone know a (preferably) Windows ACME2 client, that would produce the files, how I need them (non changing filenames, pem format: key, cert, chain)? If Windows is the problem, I would use a Linux client.

Hi @magoralczyk

please check the documentation.


For Apache, nginx and others web servers the PemFiles plugin is commonly chosen.

Additional, you can use OpenSsl (Windows version) to create pem files from a pfx file.

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Thanks, the usage of the advanced options did actually work!


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