And now for something different:

Can we just take a moment to recognize the astronomical amount of effort, professionalism, and courtesy @jsha and all the other LE staff, community moderators, and helpful regulars are demonstrating right now?

In the middle of a severe and truly global issue, they are making the time to not only answer every single inquiry and concern but to do so with utmost respect and etiquette. They are promptly responding without seeming hurried, terse, or frustrated and from a perspective of social responsibility; handling any misunderstandings and ignorance with gracious explanations appropriate for the layperson; and doing so with the assumption of good faith and a culture of accountability that would put any equivalent for-profit organization to shame.

Thanks for being awesome, all. Instead of just doing good, you’re doing good well, and it is sincerely appreciated. Please don’t burn out with all that positive karma you’re carrying around.


Thanks so much, @bburhans! All of the positive attributes you mention are ones we really care deeply about bringing to our work, so it feels great that you can see it come through. :blush:


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