Thank You Juergen

Thank you so much @JuergenAuer for writing and pinning a post on 11/17 about the incident our team was handling! The Let’s Encrypt team was all hands on deck to resolve the issue and we really appreciate your help and other community members in moderating the forum during that time. It was so great to return to the community forum and not see an abundance of new issues about errors during the known outage.


Seriously, it was a big relief opening the forum and seeing that you had things handled here. Thanks @JuergenAuer!


Hi @jillian

thanks. That

was required. I was out, came back. Oh, why there are so much new checks? Oh, why there are so much new topics? And new users started next topics.

One topic created, temporarily pinned. So it was easier not to answer the same question again and again.


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