After installing certificate site traffic routes to different box

I have a dynamic IP from my ISP. I have an existing Synology NAS that I have setup external access using the Synology DDNS service and have a Let’s Encrypt certificate installed. I am trying to set up a Linux/Ubuntu 18.04 server. I bought the name from NameCheap and configured the primary and 2 subdomains using A records and using ddclient on my Ubuntu machine to successfully update the ip address for each. Before trying to install a certificate, I configured apache to set the document root for each of the 3 sites and I was able to view a test page for each. After installing a certificate on the Ubuntu machine, it redirects all traffic to the Synology box. The domain name for the Ubuntu server is not connected to the Synology at all as it’s a new domain name. Any help on how to get the right traffic to the right box would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you have port 80 correctly forwarded on your router to your Ubuntu server, but port 443 isn’t (and is instead being directed to your Synology device).

Can you confirm your port forwarding setup?

OMG, I am somewhat embarrassed that it was this simple. I did have to edit the router configuration settings in the Synology interface, to be able to edit the port forwarding rules in the router itself. Thank you so much for your prompt help.

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