Adding multiple domains without binding on IIS Server

We’ve about 200 domains on my windows 2012 server. These 200 domains doesn’t show up in IIS as i didn’t do binding. Because these 200 domains share the same web files with different databases. Similar to WIX, Weebly etc

Now, we want to use letsencrypt SSL for all these 200 domains and future domains as well.

I’ve tested configuring for 2 websites and everything went well. but these 2 sites are showing up in IIS.

Is there a way to do this without adding to IIS binding.

I don’t think adding 200 binding on IIS is a feasible solution.

If possible i want to know how WIX are handling letsencrypt

Thanks to all

hi @Sarath

I am going to nip this one in the bud for you. LetsEncrypt is probably not the tool of choice for you

If you do not want to manage bindings (which you can do quite easily with scripts like powhershell) then the ACME protocol won’t make things easier for you

There are a few things working against you

A) LetsEncrypt doesn’t allow wildcard certificates
B) The Maximum number of domains per cert is 100 so at best you may need to manage 2 certs
C) You will need to pass 100 challenges for each cert to be issued

Companies such as WIX use wildcard certificates for this reason (they don’t have to maintain a certificate per domain)

I suggest talking to digicert - I personally like them but there are other CAs which can issue wild card certs

Also think about using a service such as or cloudflare to do your ssl work for you


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