Add a new host name (domain) in created wildcard

In my Windows Server 2008 r2 (IIS 7.5), I have created a wildcard cert adding four of existing site in IIS using Let’s Encrypt windows tool.

Then I have renamed my cert, introducing the “*.” before the name in order to binding wildcard to all the four sites in IIS. This workaround worked fine, so now I have an SSL certificate for all the sites.

Now the problem is: I have created a new site in IIS, how can I add it to the wildcard certifcate just created to assign the https to it?

I need to create a NEW wildcard that include the previous four and the new domain? Or is it possible to “add” the new one in the wildcard? What I need to do…?

Maybe I haven’t well understood the concept of the wildcard encrypt, so please be patient for my question.

Best regards and thanks a lot for any help.

Hi @talentdotnet

if you use Win 2008, there is no SNI support. So you can use only one certificate, so that certificate must have all domain names you want to use.

–>> Check the documentation of your Letsencrypt client to add the new domain to your certificate.

Hi JurgenAuer,
thanks a lot for your answer. To use Let’s Encrypt I’m using Win-Acme V.2.0, I’ll try to understand how add new domain in my certificate.


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