Windows Server IIS Bindings Using Wrong Certificates

I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 system, use IIS to build websites.Encountered a problem now, I bind multiple domain names, found after applying for more than one Let’s Encrypt a certificate, certificate of chaos,Domain names a domain name certificates into b, b domain name domain name certificates into c … … SSL certificate if you just set up a domain name there is no issue. I would like to ask what can I do to make normal use of the certificate.


What exactly are you trying to do:

  1. Have a multiple domain names (SAN) certificate installed on a Server 2008 R2 IIS hosted web site that will be serving request to the different domain included in this certificate?
  2. Have multiple Web Sites on the same IIS Web Server - each one using a single domain cert?

The Letsencrypt-Win-Simple client requires the web site name configured for the script to run and renew automatically the certificates - that’s one of the drawbacks of this client.

The ACME PowerShell module does not require this and allows fully automating the process.

hi @2466327134

how did you configure your sites?
What Version of IIS are you running?
Are you using SNI on your bindings?

We have had similar behaviour before due to having multiple hosts and IIS choosing one certificate to become a deafult certificate.

This is more of an IIS issue rather than a letsenrcypt issue so you can try an IIS related forum for more input


I search on Google, no binding description of SNI, you can give a tutorial or document?

I have now switched to use Windows Server2016.

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