Any way around the binding

Is there a way to use letsencrypt without putting the host name in the binding? Apparently when I set that binding, it broke our application. Come to find out binding isn’t supported. I didn’t need to do bindings when I used network solutions SSL’s.


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Hi @Lectoid

if you use an IIS binding with a host name, you use SNI - Server Name Indication.

So if your application has problems with such a configuration:

  • Your application is buggy, doesn’t support SNI -> change that (or)
  • You can’t use SNI

Then you can use only one certificate per ip address.

If you have a lot of domains on that server -> you must use one certificate with all domain names included.

So you have to create such a certificate and use it. Instead of creating (sample) one certificate per main domain name (with the main domain, the www subdomain and some other subdomains of that domain).

That has nothing to do with Letsencrypt. It’s a general question - one server with one ip, some domains - one certificate with all domain names or one certificate / domain.


I only need one certificate per IP address. Maybe the binding won’t be an issue. I had tried that and it didn’t work, but it ended up being port 80 was blocked that made it work.

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I went back and ran wacs.exe and used option 5 and just entered in my website and that seems to work.


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