Add link to silence futher notifications for a single cert

Right now, if you know a certificate is going to expire, but are not planning to renew - the additional notifications can be annoying. (At least it’s not as bad as Comodo’s notifications!!!)

I’d love to see a “just for this cert” silence link in the generated emails.

The effect of that link should be to silence any further “helpful” (as opposed to required) notifications for that particular certificate and version. (I.e. if I renew it, the silencing should not carry over to the newer cert.)

The current unsubscribe link is too powerful, as I still want notifications, just not for this particular certificate.

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Good idea! Right now we rely on Mandrill’s built-in unsubscribe feature, which will make that hard to support, but we plan to implement our own unsubscribe in the future, and this would be a useful thing to build in.

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