Accidently stopped the email for expirations

Hey guys a little mishap happened to me. We have several certificates that run on the same account. So we get multiple notifications for multiple certificates through one email. The problem is that I clicked the wrong way and now I have deactivated all of them. Is there a way to subscribe to all of them again

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Not really, sadly. The unsubscribe is per-email-address (not really related to the ACME account or certificates), and lasts for one year. So, your options are:

  1. Change the email address on your ACME account(s) to something else. (Depending on your email server, you might be able to use a "different" address that goes to the same mailbox by adding a -suffix or +suffix to the username, or adding periods separate parts of the username, or something like that.) There's some information on the Expiration Emails page of the documentation about it.
  2. Wait for a year for the unsubscription to end, and in the meantime ensure you have other monitoring (which you really should probably have anyway) for your certificates. The expiration emails are a courtesy to try to help people whose systems aren't working right, but really by the time you get one it should mean that several other systems have failed, or that you'd added or removed names from a certificate so you're expecting the cert with the exact set of names to be expiring.

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