Accidentally Unsubscribed

Eventually we would like to build a more sophisticated unsubscribe system that could allow for re-subscribes. In the meantime, if you PM me I’ll remove your unsubscription so you get emails once more.

Update March 2017: Please see

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I accidentally unsubscribed. Pinging so I can PM :slight_smile:

I would also like my accidental unsubscription reversed

I also accidentally unsubscribed. Can’t PM whit zero posts (I think) so trying this way.

I’ve changed everyone’s trust level to allow PMs!

(by everyone I mean everyone that’s posted here. :smile:)

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Update on this: We’ve tweaked our email setup a little bit, and I can no longer directly re-subscribe people. We do want to build our own unsubscribe system that will let people re-subscribe after an accidental unsubscribe. For now, the best approach is to change the email address on your account. For instance, if you used, you can change it to Then you’ll start getting email again.

If you’re using Certbot, you can run:

certbot register --update-registration


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@jsha, glad to know that Certbot feature is going to be useful for something else! :slight_smile:

I try use certbot register --update-registration but I get error:
UnexpectedUpdate: RegistrationResource(body=Registration(certificates=None, contact=(u’’,), authorizations=None, agreement=u’
f’, key=JWKRSA(key=<ComparableRSAKey(<cryptography.hazmat.backends.openssl.rsa._RSAPublicKey object at 0x118cbcff1fab>)>)), uri=u’’, new_authzr_uri=u’https://a’, terms_of_service=u’’)

I want restore my subscription but I cant do it =(

Sorry, this is a bug in Certbot. There’s a pending fix at

You may be able to apply that patch locally if you find your local copy of acme/acme/

Actually, looking again at where this error happens, it’s after Certbot has updated your email. So I think your update was successful even though Certbot errored out afterwards.

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Any updated on this yet?

No updates yet, sorry!

Exact same thing happend to me. :pensive: Clicked the link in a caffeine depleted state… Will certbot register --update-registration work? Changing email address is unfortunately not an option for me…

Ps. Mandrill should at least but a confirm button on that unsub page… :astonished:

certbot register --update-registration will only update the email address, but if the address doesn’t change, you won’t be receiving any emails. Short of changing your address, there’s currently no way to fix this.

Just hit it by accident too.

Am I right in assuming I won’t receive updates for any sites that use the email in question?

I have accidentally unsubscribed as well. I am posting here so that I can send a PM to get it reversed.

Update: Unfortunately we can’t do one-off removals by private message anymore. There are instructions on about how to work around an accidental unsubscribe.

The command should work ?

Why there are no confirm unsubscribe buton.
At least can you minimize your link in mail, the link took 80% on email size I think there are many people who click on accidentally…

Unfortunately this is implemented on the side of our email provider and we don’t have the ability to make changes. I agree that it would be a lot better if we they confirmed the intent before unsubscribing!

I recently added some additional text to the email to make it clearer that it won’t confirm the unsubscribe action. This should be rolled out to the production emails in the next while. Hopefully that helps somewhat!


Ok but the command provided with cerbot should work ?

Yes. ~/certbot/venv/bin/certbot register --update-registration --email should work. You might have to change the ~/certbot/venv/bin portion based on where/how you installed Certbot.