Academic paper on Let's Encrypt at ACM CCS '19

A new academic paper “Let’s Encrypt: An Automated Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web” (by @josh @pde @jhalderm @jsha @jdkasten @schoen @bmw and five of our colleagues who aren’t members of this forum) is being presented on November 13 in London :uk: at the ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security.

This paper describes the history and impact of Let’s Encrypt in great detail, and is another reminder that we have a lot to be proud of about this project.

Thanks to our coauthors and everyone who’s contributed to the Let’s Encrypt project and to this paper in some way!


By the way, there’s another paper about Let’s Encrypt and Certbot (not by the projects’ creators) being presented at the same conference

This paper has some very nice things to say about the impact of Certbot for users who are new to setting up certificates.


Thanks for sharing ! I’m actually writting on LE/ACME for my master’s thesis I will have some new doc to study !


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